Are You Making These Email List Building Mistakes?

Are you trying to make your list grow? This is a wise decision. Capturing your customers in a list makes it much easier for you to reach them again in the future. This sounds so easy right now, but email list building can prove to be very hard. One can say it’s the biggest challenge you have to come up against when you start out your Internet marketing business.Many information products, courses and e-Books are available on the subject, but still many marketers make some serious mistakes when it comes to email list building. Keep on reading to find out about the most serious email list building mistakes that you can make.In the beginning your list is just as delicate as a newly-sown seed. You want the subscribers that you have fought for to stay. This is why you should either prepare some excellent auto responder messages or write some really high-quality messages for them. Don’t suffocate your subscribers in this critical email list building phase with ads trying to make the fast buck. People hate lists that just bombard them with advertising for products. They’ll quickly forget why they signed up to your list and may either unsubscribe or, even worse, report your messages as spam to your list provider.Once your list has reached a certain size, there may be another facet of this same mistake showing up. You may already have heard of list swaps, and basically they are a good idea. Either you can approach other marketers or you will be approached by other marketers who are interested to send a message to your list. In return you get to send a message to theirs.So far, so good, this sounds like the perfect method to get subscribers of other lists to sign up to yours as well. Remember, though, that your subscribers wanted to hear your words. Once you overdo this, your email list building efforts will also have been in vain, because more people are going to unsubscribe than new people will come in from the list swap.Another common mistake is to write messages to your list too seldom. You want to have a vivid connection to your readers, convey your personality to them. Email list building is much easier once people start to remember your name. You’ll be surprised when you look at your website’s statistics and you see that someone searched for “your name + list” to actually get signed up to your list.Don’t overuse this, though, stay professional. While people may sign up for your list because your rants or your messages are funny, this isn’t a good email list building strategy. Don’t send out messages in a rush of emotions. If you don’t feel so well, get a good night’s sleep and then compose a message to your list. You want your subscribers to see in you a person that they can look up to, not someone choleric or depressive. Or would you buy from such a person?Email list building is a difficult process and you always have to find the perfect balance between your and the list’s interests. Remember that your list wants good information and that if you provide it to them, they will start to trust you. Don’t blindly recommend other people’s products. Treat your list as you would want to be treated by the person you subscribed to yourself.Now you know many of the mistakes that you can make in email list building. Try to avoid them and keep driving traffic to your sign-up and squeeze pages. You’ll see that your list will be steadily growing. The trust that your subscribers gain in you is something that will prove to have great monetary value later on. Use common sense and always hold on to your integrity and you’ll see that email list building isn’t so hard after all.

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